Annie Treeing

Masthead courtesy of John Rice

NALC Registered Breeder Since 1996

Specializing In Natural Bobtail Catahoulas

Member of the “Natural Rearing Breeders Assoc.”


There’s nothing I enjoy more then being out exploring with the dogs. In these pictures
you’ll see why!!

Annie - Beaver Swamp
Annie & Toad - Snow Day
Annie At The Swamp
Jagger & Annie - On Frozen Lake Simcoe
Annie "Hears A Who"
Toad At The Swamp
Jagger Looking For Beaver
Toad - What's Down There?
He's In Here Somewhere!!
Annie Treeing
Jagger Finds A Den
Turtle At The Swamp
Toad, Annie, Turtle and Mack  In The Creek By the Cabin
Gypsy, Annie, Toad and Jagger Treeing A Coon
Stone Fence
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