Annie Treeing

Masthead courtesy of John Rice

NALC Registered Breeder Since 1996

Specializing In Natural Bobtail Catahoulas

Member of the “Natural Rearing Breeders Assoc.”


Cats Cradle’s Annie

Cats Cradle's Annie

Kings Ridge’s Jagger

Kings Ridge's Jagger

Cats Cradle’s Turtle Dove

South Slough’s Dammit-All “Toad”

Cats Cradle's Turtle Dove

Uchi Aka Inu’s Raidon

Uchi Aka Inu's Raidon

Pumpkin Hill’s Evita

Pumpkin Hill's Evita
South Sloguh's Dammit-All "Toad"

Reel Zydeco’s Memphis Mack

Reel Zydeco's Memphis Mack

Cats Cradle’s Eminence - “Emmie”

Cats Cradle's Eminence - Emmie
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